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just a simple expression of thoughts and feelings
riches are not measured by what we have, what we posses or achieved in life but riches and abundance measured by how much we gave…
there’s no such a mistake there’s only a lesson to be learn
life is a matter of acceptance
feel life, love life and enjoy life
daghan ang babaye sa kalibutan pero isa lang ang babae sa akong dughan..
higugma a lang ko gamay ako na bahala magpadako 
5 months ago
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time is never time at all we can’t ever leave without leaving a piece of youth and our life may forever change we will never be the same
the more we change the less we feel
3 weeks ago
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the man who gave me life, die today

Thank you dad for everything for giving me life for teaching me the right and wrong. understand me when i am weak and helping me to stand alone 

Today is the day of joy let us celebrate life and lets celebrate death 

Alfredo A. Gala Sr. 

Catarman Camiguin Island

June 9, 1947 - Feb. 22, 2014  11:00 AM

1 month ago
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its so sad and lonely if i’m not around…. but its lonelier and worst if i can’t give something….
dreams and expectation also have a very dark side of disappointments and frustration
the more we own… the enslaved we become